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phpBB3 Mods

phpBB3 modifications- mods that can be used to add new features to your forum.
Forum rules
[info_locked]Copyright & mod author protection : Do not copy or reproduce as your own work!
1. You must be the author of the mod to post here, or if you are the co-author make sure the other co- author knows you will be posting them here.
2. You do not have to post the mod in MODX form, but if you could it would be appreciated.
3. Just a simple text file and/or instructions will be fine.
4. If you post a mod here, you will have to offer support here- you cannot post an external link to where only support will be offered.
5. If you are adding any large pictures please use the [hsimg][/hsimg] tags, or [hsimg2][/hsimg2] for multiple images.[/info_locked]
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